• Special Ministers of the Communion
  • Altar Servers
  • Lectors
  • Greeters and Ushers
  • Hospitality and Social Committee
  • Youth Ministries

Members of our Parish family offer thier talents as Ministers of Communion at our weekend Liturgies and variuos Liturgical celebrations throughout the year. We invite you to consider this very rewarding experience of ministering to others our Lord's body and blood. If you are interested in this ministry, please contact Father Steven for an interview and training.

The Ministry of Altar Servers is comprised from all ages of Parishioners from young to old. This ministry serves all of the various liturgical celebrations. There is formal training availlable, please contact Father Steven to share your interest in this ministry.

There are many of us who are gifted to speak in a public forum, for those who would like to take God's gift further, please consider the ministry of proclaiming the Lord's Word as a Lector in our Parish family Liturgies. This Ministry has the ability to draw you closer to the Lord in speaking through the Holy Scriptures. If you are interested in proclaiming the Lord's Word, please contact Father Steven for an interview and training.

Our gifts of personality and hospiitality are sometimes over looked. Please use these gifts to become a member of this most important ministry as a Greeter/Usher. You would asked to greet and welcome Parishoners as they come to Mass and assist with collections and seating. Please consider this ministry as a way to grow yourself and our Parish community. Please contact Father Steven for this ministry.

One of our most rewarding ministries is that of Hospitality and Social Committee. Members prepare and serve "Coffee And" after mass on Sunday mornings. They also offer there services of refreshments at various Parish social activies. If you are feel called to serve others in this capacity please contact Terry Heroux. 

The Youth Ministry is comprised of service, social and spirtual activities. Members are of Junior and High School age. The Yough advisors are adults from the Parish community. The Youth Ministry group interacts with the Dioscean Youth Council to further it's outreach and activies. The group has attended various retreats - Youth Day, Stuebenville conferences and personal weekend rretreats.

Socially they have organized beach trips, minature golf, ice cream parties, volley ball and various other events. Thier Service activies include the Soup Kitchen, collecting clothing for the needy, cleaning the Parish grounds.

Please contact Ralph Berthiaume for more information.