Family Tyes is a family focused group in our parish that provides age appropriate activities for all the children of Holy Family Parish.  The group is extending a invitation to all parents, grandparents and guardians to volunteer for future functions.

We are looking for a core group of adults to help expand, create and regenerate our current curriculum of fundraising, social activities for children and social activities for our pre-teens and teenagers.

This year we would also like to do some community outreach projects with Neighbor Helping Neighbor, a group already within the parish. 

Family tyes is an extension of the Religious Education program as well, with all the teachers helping and participating in activities when needed.  We are glad to see the children socialize outside of Mass and the classroom.  This helps the children form bonds with parish members of the same age.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year of great activities and memories here, at Holy Family Parish.  We are hopeful to be seeing you at one of out upcoming events.